Total Cult

Exploring the Obscure


After graduating from the University of Central Lancashire in 2009 with an honours degree in Film & Media studies, I have tried my hardest to keep up to date with all things film related.

As an avid renter, streamer, cinema goer,  blu-ray collector and wittertainee…

I was generally rather clued up on any developments related to the silver screen.

Then, in 2015, and event occurred which essentially halted my film related pursuits.


Naturally, I’ve been educating him on film history and the journalistic / critical approach to evaluating movies, and he’s taken to it rather well.


Alas my cinema trips have been few and far between since then and it’s become trickier to fit in a film of an evening, or even get lost in a podcast for a couple of hours. I did run a film blog for years with reviews, recommendations, retrospectives and little tidbits, but there was no real theme or consistency to it.

Now, struggling to digest new releases as they happen, I decided to take my blogging in a different direction. Cult cinema is something I am particularly passionate and knowledgeable about, so I shall be doing a small weekly post about a specific film that I love (or hate) and would recommend (or advise strongly against seeing). Exploring the rich history of some of the strangest films ever made is something I can comfortably sink my teeth into, without feeling pressured to rush out and see the latest Fast & Furious film to give it an online critique.

I hope you enjoy the blog and do feel free to get in touch about anything you want.