As a big fan of rockumentaries and as a (semi) big fan of Oasis, I’d anticipated the release of Supersonic since it had first been announced. With extremely positive reviews from both fans and critics, I was somewhat eager to give it a watch. Chronicling the rise of the band to super-stardom, the documentary touches on the Gallagher’s early life and upbringing, Noel’s initial taste of rock n’ roll as a roadie for the Inspiral Carpets and the coming together of the band in Manchester.


With archive video footage, photo stills and home made movies the film is held together by narration from the Gallagher brothers, other members of the band and close friends and family. Leading up to their historical concert at Knebworth, the key Oasis figures talk about the recording of their first 2 albums, their rapid rise to fame and their turbulent relationships.


I thought the film was an excellent piece of work. As a sort of indifferent Oasis fan, I found the film fascinating. There was plenty in there to be entertained by and a lot of interesting tidbits to take away. I wasn’t too familiar with the Oasis origins story, but as an aspiring musician growing up in the North West of England with Irish family roots, I definitely felt connected to the film.

Stylistically it reminded me of Amy from last year. The documentary about Amy Winehouse was also a terrific movie and similarly the entire film is more or less constructed around unseen, archive footage and held together by narration. I saw the theatrical release of Supersonic and as I understand there is hours and hours of additional footage available on the DVD / Blu-Ray release which I am keen to get stuck in to. The film’s finale is the bands 1996 concert at Knebworth, and it definitely leaves the audience wanting more and is begging for a sequel. I hope the filmmakers revisit the project and do a followup film to chronicle the bands “self implosion” around the Be Here Now sessions and beyond.

Definitely one of my favourite films of the year.