Culturally significant in the Beatles history, A Hard Day’s Night was the first feature length film to star the band. It’s an important film in many respects. As the Beatles played themselves, it blurred the line between reality and documentary and with musical interludes, accompanied with unique visuals, it could be considered to be one of the earliest examples of music videos. Particularly the, Can’t Buy Me Love, segment was stylistically similar to The Monkees television show, that was released a couple of years later.


Along with Wildred Brambell (playing Paul’s Grandfather), the five of them travel to London to record a TV show. The action prominently takes place firstly on a train and then in the television studio. The film relies solely on the chemistry of the Beatles, as much of the dialogue appears to be riffed or ad-libbed. Held together by a phenomenal soundtrack  of Lennon / McCartney originals, A Hard Day’s Night is a 1960’s classic and arguably the finest film The Beatles were involved with.